What is OrangeAid?

OrangeAid is the mischievous little brother to Jigsaw. It's an internship program built for interns by interns with principles of working hard, having fun, and giving it all back. We're an art and communications students mashup, where young people fast-track their personal and professional discovery.

The types of people we're looking for? Self-driven, confident and big-hearted people who are bright and fiercely creative (MUHAHAHA). Oh, and who have the ability to work 10-15 flexible hours per week starting January 16th.

If you cut the mustard, your OrangeAid team will be handed a pro bono project that you will create, execute, and see used throughout the city. The internship is unpaid, so we won't be giving you the green, but you'll be getting the orange—the opportunity for school credit, real world experience, and access to a network of talented passionate professionals who are willing to go the extra mile, just like you are.

Fill out this app by May 6th and show us what you've got.